6 Best Hiking shoes for beginners that you need to know before you go on a Ride

For fitness freaks, hiking shoes are a true possession. They look for good hiking shoes everywhere as these shoes are designed to last long, and it is not a good deal to get a nasty piece in a hurry. Best hiking shoes for beginners will be more of a hassle rather than comfort.

A good hiking boots should have certain qualities; they should be comfortable, lightweight, cushioned, durable, and above all breathable. Moreover, hiking shoes should provide comfort in harsh climate conditions. The boot’s construction should be durable enough to bear a slippery, wet, sharp, and rough surface.

As compare to regular shoes, hiking shoes need to be more well-constructed. Moreover, a good beginner hiking shoes must be waterproof and should grip the foot comfortably.

6 best hiking boots for beginners:

Below is the list of 6 best hiking boots for beginners

Comparison table for best beginner hiking shoes

best beginner hiking boots
Merrell Men’s Moab 2 mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
  • Features:
  • Great traction for rough terrain
  • Air dry membranes for ventilation and quick drying
  • waterproof
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Best Keen hiking boots
KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
  • Features:
  • Extra padding and ankle support
  • Durable built
  • Waterproof & Cost friendly
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best walking boots for women
KEEN Women’s Oakridge MID WP-W Boot
  • Features:
  • Suitable for walking and long period hikes
  • Stylish hiking shoes design & Lightweight
  • Cushioning for comfort
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best beginner hiking shoes for pronated feet
Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
  • Features:
  • Best for flat feet hikers
  • Extra cushioning and flexible sole
  • Great design and multiple colors
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best hiking boot for women
Scarpa Zodiac plus Boots
  • Features:
  • Amazing traction for rough hikes and bad weather
  • Wide toe area for ample space on sides
  • Omni grip technology
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best hiking shoes with ankle protection
Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot
  • Features:
  • Flexible sole design for comfort
  • Great for over and under pronation
  • waterproof
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1.    Merrell Men’s Moab 2 mid Waterproof Hiking Boot-   best beginner hiking boots for flat feet and overweight hikers

Beginner hiking shoes that are airy, with good grip and traction are a must. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 is a perfect choice for all-day-long hikes, running, or wearing casually. These are very stylish hiking boots pair made with 100 percent suede leather with an upper mesh giving it a cool look plus good air ventilation.

The sole material is very comfortable and feels smooth to wear all day long. With an extra cushioning and toe cap these beginner hiking boots protect your feet from any injury from hitting rocks and absorb shocks and provide stability while hiking.


 Merell men’s Moab 2 hiking shoes are waterproof and it also has air dry membrane which in case of water gets inside doesn’t make the shoe heavy and soggy. Due to air membranes, it dries up quickly so you don’t face any discomfort during rainy seasons.

Sole design

Soles of the Merell Moab 2 hiking shoes are specially designed to provide impressive traction and whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker these boots are good for all. Extra cushioning and contoured base not only give marvelous shock absorption but also to the zonal arch and heel support make these best shoes for beginner hikers with flat feet.

Durability and weight

Construction material is very robust and durable and there is plenty of support to the ankle. The shoes are thick and cushioned to keep your feet safe but very lightweight and with the protection you won’t even feel any discomfort during long hikes.

  • Vibram built sole
  • Extra air cushioning for heel and arch support
  • Removable contoured insole
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Water-resistant Great shock absorption
  • Great shock absorption
  • Poor traction on slippery rocks
  • Air membranes not efficient enough


Overall the Merrell Moab shoes are the perfect choice for beginners as well as intermediate hikers and are very suitable for the flat feet hikers looking for extra arch support.

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2.    KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

hicking 2

Keen hiking boots are well known for their quality built and impressive comfort and traction. Targhee 3 by keen is one of the best beginner hiking shoes for women. The boots are very comfortable to wear and comparatively lightweight than other shoes. You can walk in them from the first time with ease and it won’t take weeks to break into these boots.

Targhee 3 hiking boots are best suited for all-day hiking and established trails. The boots are extremely cushy and with a removable insole, you can have less arch if you wish to.


Targhee 3 hiking boots are equipped with dry technology providing water resistance and with air membranes that provide good breathability to the feet. During hiking sessions due to humidity, the feet get warm and sweaty with keen Targhee 3 boots you can hike with dry feet and less warm feet during moderately hot weathers all day long

Stability and traction

With rubber-built sole and lacing the shoes provide good stability to the foot and on the trails. Talking about the traction even with a rubber sole instead of the Vibram sole the boots give great traction and grip. And with multi-direction lugs, these hiking shoes give substantial support keeping the mud from clogging and making them slippery.

Targhee 3 are inexpensive hiking boots that give great traction compared to the other boots coming at a similar price.

Comfort and protection

Comfort-wise keen Targhee 3 women hiking shoes are one of the most comfortable hiking boots and right from the first wear you will feel at home. The air cushioning on the sole gives extra ease plus with the removable footbed, there is added feel which hikers love. The shoes are very lightweight and cause no fatigue even in hours of hike.

With a rubber toe cap and cushioning around the ankle, the boost provides good protection during the hike and shock absorbency for the heels.


The leather upper and rubber insole and outsole of the keen Targhee 3 hiking boots feel sturdy and are durable for multiple hiking expeditions. The boots are water-resistant and the rubber construction is found to be robust during hikes and not damaged by the rocks and branches etc.

  • Super comfortable
  • Extra padding on the ankle
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great feel and design
  • Wide boots not suitable for slim toe hikers
  • Poor traction on rough terrains


Considering all the features these hiking boots by keen are an average one and good for beginners going on established trails. While for rocky terrain or a new trail go for a better one.

3.    KEEN Women’s Oakridge MID WP-W Boot

For comfortable and durable hiking shoes keen is the go-to brand for all. Keen has the best range for beginner hiking shoes and everyday best walking boots for women. The Oakridge mid waterproof boots by keen are one of the best stylish and comfortable hiking boots available in the market under a budget.


Like all other boots from keen Oakridge boots for women are also very comfortable from the first use and gives a great fit all along. The height is mid-length giving enough ankle support for average mountain climbs.

If you are looking for beginner hiking boots for flat feet or for best women’s hiking shoes with arch support, then these boots are best suited for you. The wider design gives enough toe space along the sides and for better arch support.


The footbed and the sides of these hiking shoes are cushioned immensely to provide extreme comfort and support. The insole footbed is molded and removable to give extra feel and comfort to the user. Keen Oakridge boots are suitable for all-day-long hikes and trails without giving a slight discomfort and fatigue.


The keen dry membrane keeps the boots waterproof even if submerged in water for a long time. Not only this, the membranes offer great breathability for humid and hot seasons. So the boots keep the moisture outside plus keeping the inside dry as well


With 4 mm lugs and aggressive tread, the boots offer great traction over moderate hikes and trails. The sole is made from non-marking rubber giving extra support.

  • Extra arch and ankle support
  • Great breathability and water resistance
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Impressive stability and shock absorption
  • Not suitable for steep mountains
  • Sole is not durable


If you want a beginner boot for established trails and average hike these boots are super comfy, durable, and great in traction but for inclined planes, a bit more sole grip will be needed. These are although best beginner hiking boots with arch support.

4.    Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot – best beginner hiking shoes for pronated feet

Columbia women’s newton ridge plus hiking boot is the best value-for-money product in all. With the stylish lace-up design of the boot to the comfortable sole, the boots are made to meet the beginner hikers’ needs giving them extremely comfortable wear with great traction and support.  The shoes have great cushioning and are best beginner hiking shoes for flat feet and overpronation.

Look and built

With a stylish outlook, the boost has 9 different color combinations you can choose from as for women looks are very important, and in that case, these boots beat all. The upper of the boot is made from leather with a durable rubber body. The design is waterproof and provides great water-resistant in rainy seasons plus the design has great ventilation to dry up quickly and keep feet from getting extra warm


From the first wear, the boots are very comfy and you can easily break into them. The extra cushioning on the ankle and the insole provides a great feel and you can wear it for long period without any ache.


Flexible soles and extra cushioning on the heel and boot give great support and arch to the feet making it benefit the flat feet hikers greatly. The midsole and inside of the boot are cushioned suitably to help with under and overpronation too.


 With Omni grip technology the newton ridge hiking boots offer traction great enough for scrambling, hiking and trails in bad weather. The multi-directional tread gives great grip and solid footing for rough terrains.

  • Impressive stability and traction
  • Waterproof
  • Extra cushioning and support
  • Comfortable for flat feet hikers
  • Less breathability


Be it the Rocky Mountains or rough trail these boots are best suited for all. With stylish design and great comfort, Columbia newton ridge hiking shoes offer great traction and support and are well-matched in performance with any expensive professional hiking boots and are one of the best trail guide hiking boots available in the market.

5.    KEEN Women’s Targhee Vent mid Hiking Boot

Keeping in mind the keen hiking shoes’ comfort and quality these boots are no exception. These boots are super comfortable and lightweight and the best hiking boot for women in dry conditions. The boots are very durable and give a great fit with extra ankle and arch support.


Keen Targhee vent boots are very comfy with extra cushioning inside to give extra support to the heel and arch lift. The boots are suitable for multiple days’ hikes without causing any fatigue to the legs. The sole extends up to give a wrap-over toe for added protection during the hikes.

Fit is great with ample room for the toes and at the sides and there is no heel jamming or toe crushing during the climb.


With nylon straps with laces passing through them, the boost offers a great heel support system. The sole has great grip and provides suitable traction for hiking and climbing. These boots have suitable ankle protection and support for average hiking expeditions.


The mesh design of the upper provides breathability to the shoes keeping them dry and cool in warm weather. The shoes are water-resistant and in case it gets wet the mesh design helps to dry it up quickly.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great fit and support
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive traction
  • Not many water-resistant


Overall these are the best walking boots for women on established trails and light hiking but not for rough climbs and steep mountains.

6.    Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot – best beginner hiking shoes with ankle protection and arch support

hicking 6

If you are looking for style with durability, this boot is a perfect pick for you. It comes in a wide range of colors and is super comfortable. The rubber sole gives a good grip on any surface and makes it slip-free.

Handy Features:

Newton Ridge Plus II is waterproof and has full-grain leather. Moreover, it is breathable and has a lace-up closure for perfect adjustment, making it a secure fit.


They are comfortable and gives a secure fit to your feet. It gives a solid footing in extreme weathers like snow and ice.

Variety of Colors:

The shoes are available in multiple colors with beautiful contrasts to select from. Along with comfort, a good-looking shoe is, of course, an essential feature to look for.

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect grip
  • Comfortable
  • Superior cushioning
  • Less durable


Newton Ridge Plus II is a waterproof shoe with a lightweight and perfect grip. They are perfect for hiking in extreme conditions and on any surface.

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Hiking Shoes for Beginners:

For beginners, it becomes tough to select a perfect hiking shoe. We are here with an ultimate guide with the best features to look for in a hiking shoe to ease your struggle and get you the best beginner hiking shoes under the budget Let’s get started;

  • It should Fit: The first thing to look for in a perfect hiking shoe is how it fits your feet. The comfortable fit with a breathing space and balanced weight is significant. A particular hiking shoe doesn’t need to fit everyone well. Many other variables matter in this regard including the weight of a buyer and his foot shape.

Prefer buying the hiking shoe in the evening, as in most cases feet swell          after walking. Or get a hiking shoes for the plus size in case your feet get swelled during walking


Traction is an unavoidable feature to look for in a perfect hiking shoe. Hiking shoes should be anti-slip and should have a strong grip to avoid injuries. To check the traction level, check the sole of the shoe.


Choosing a lightweight shoe is vivacious as they thrive in all weather conditions. The perfect hiking shoe is the one with a balanced weight that is easy to carry in your bag pack and is not heavy on your feet. There are specially designed hiking shoes for overweight people to divide their weigh evenly on the foot


A cushioned hiking shoe absorbs shockwaves. Technology has also improved cushioning. Initially, only rubber material was used, but now gel, air soles, fluid soles, and pads have gathered the market attention. Choose the one that comforts you the most. Extra cushioning helps to aid hikers with plantar fasciitis and reduce heel pain and injury during hike.

The cushioning should also be balanced to avert any wrong perception of the surface.


The durability of a hiking shoe solely depends on its material. As compare to synthetics, leather boots are much durable. Moreover, stitching of the show and toe-bumper also determine the durability.

Hiking foot ware has now reached to next level. The market is filled with some extraordinary pieces but remember, never buy a shoe blindly on someone’s recommendation as it depends on your feet shape and weight. Quality waterproofing of the hiking boots is also considerable feature in assessing durability of the hiking shoes

Consider the features mentioned above before purchasing hiking shoes.

Hiking shoes versus Hiking Boots

Another moderate discussion lately in the hiking/hiking local area has been tied in with hiking shoes as opposed to hiking shoes. Some don’t consider this to be questionable, as numerous climbers and hikers have quite recently changed to hiking shoes, all the more regularly known as trail sprinters.

As opposed to mainstream thinking, not every person wears hiking boots when hiking. Hiking shoes are as yet alive and in no way, shape, or form out of date or outdated as some accept. This article isn’t intended to examine either perspective, simply take a couple of essential notes between the two sorts of shoes.

Here are a few statements made by different climbers, explorers, or scholars on the subject of hiking boots versus hiking boots. Acquired from numerous different articles on this subject, just as from posts on sites and gatherings.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are heavier than hiking boots. Hiking shoes, because of their lightweight, decrease weight on the feet and legs during a climb of a few kilometers.

  • The shoes are contracting.
  • Shoes commonly last more.
  • Shoes stay wet longer than shoes.
  • The best lower leg support shoes offer is a fantasy.
  • Water infiltrates shoes more effectively than shoes.
  • The feet are cooler in the shoes.
  • Shoes cost more than shoes.
  • Shoes need more opportunity to storm.
  • Shoes are most appropriate to cold conditions.

These are only 11 speedy explanations that I have perused to a great extent in recent years. For some, regardless, shoes win. A few groups wear hiking boots throughout the entire year which is fine. Once more, I think this is a case that best fits the territory you are going through. I think hiking boots are more qualified for specific conditions.

I additionally believe that hiking shoes offer a gigantic benefit to overshoes in different circumstances. Here is a portion of the accompanying perceptions from my point of view.

Hiking shoes are heavier than shoes. I concur. While there are various sorts of materials utilized in hiking shoes, for example, full-grain calfskin, split cowhide, and nubuck and manufactured calfskin, the shoes are normally heavier than hiking boots.

There are various sorts of shoes intended for various conditions, and this is the thing that you need to consider when choosing whether or not to wear shoes or boots.

Hiking shoes, since they are lighter, give solace to the feet, legs, and back. Once more, I concur. An investigation completed quite a while prior by the US Army Research Institute for Environmental Medicine tracked down that one pound for every foot utilizes as much energy as conveying 6 pounds in a sack.

On the off chance that this is valid, hiking shoes, being lighter, will forestall mileage on the body.

The shoes are contracting. I think this is something dependent upon every individual park. I utilize lightweight hiking shoes on most climbs. They don’t draw close to my feet.

The shoes last more. A piece of me inclines towards indeed, however hesitantly. Contingent upon the shoe prepared, a couple of shoes can last more than a couple of shoes. Strong calfskin shoes intended for mountaineering will outlive lightweight, lightweight shoes. This sort of shoe can be settled more than once, demonstrating that the sole will destroy well before the actual shoe.

I have seen individuals wear shoes quicker than shoes worn over a similar period. How an individual stroll goes far in deciding the age of the shoe or shoe.

Hiking Boots

The hiking boots stay wet longer. Once more, it relies upon the kind of startup. Thick cowhide shoes set aside a long effort to dry when amazingly wet. Lightweight material and nubuck cowhide shoes can dry alongside your hiking boots. The measure of material in a shoe or shoe and the actual material decides the drying time.

The hiking boots don’t uphold the lower leg better. Depending upon the kind of shoe, they give better lower leg support. Hiking boots with a high midsection can help support the lower leg and put more weight on the lopsided path or cross-country courses.

Water enters shoes more effectively than shoes. This assertion looks bad to me. On the off chance that you wear medium or skyscraper shoes and cut a couple of creeps of water, the shoe will secure your feet over a low shoe. As far as I might be concerned, it shows. Other than a couple of gaiters, it will be harder for water to enter your case and consider going all in.

The feet are cooler in the shoes. Another point with which I concur. Because of the sum and thickness of the materials used to make them, the strolling shoe is lighter and will be cooler when worn. If you are hiking in an amazingly dry and hot region, shoes might be a superior choice for you.

Hiking boots cost more than shoes. This is for the most part evident. The normal expense of the shoes is between $ 120 and $ 170. Normal shoes cost between $ 30 and $ 120. In any case, compared with the age of each kind of shoe, you may save on a couple of shoes than 2-3 sets of shoes.

Hiking boots enjoy quite a while to reprieve. For thick cowhide shoes, the appropriate response is unquestionable yes. Yet, with the lightweight hiking shoes available today, this trademark is entirely similar. Nonetheless, I give the shoes an edge on this.

Hiking boots are most appropriate to blanketed conditions. On the off chance that there is a lot of gathering, indeed, shoes ought to be picked for this situation. Nonetheless, I have seen and know about climbers who are as yet wearing hiking boots with a couple of creeps of snow on the ground. If you stroll through territory like this, it presumably will not keep you down something over the top.

Be that as it may, for winter hiking in a notable blanketed country, I think it has neither rhyme nor reason not to wear a type of hiking shoe.

It eventually relies upon your inclinations. There truly is no correct response to the best climb, shoe, or shoe. It relies upon you. Nobody can reveal to you which one feels best on your feet, which is generally agreeable, or even which endures the longest. Everything relies upon your explorer character and how you walk. Go to your neighborhood dress production line and take a stab at a few sets of boots and boots, at that point choose.

Whenever you’ve chosen, go out there and play out these things! Regardless of whether you purchase something that I’m not content with, as long as it doesn’t cause you torment, use it until it’s an ideal opportunity to purchase another pair.


Hiking shoes are worth buying but remember that all feet are different and it is not possible to choose one shoe perfect for all. The best hiking shoe for beginners should be comfortable with good overall functionality and grip for average terrains.

Our Best Pick:

Though the best hiking shoe may vary from person to person but analyzing design, comfort, built, and other salient features our best pick is Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot.


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