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Welcome to Footwear guider. We are proud to introduce itself as part of the Amazon Services LLC (Limited Liability Company) partner program, which is dedicated to promoting the work of blog owners and many websites.

It works by linking special products of interest to Amazon affiliate links for advertising, so the income obtained through this process is called advertising collection.

Every purchase you make through these Amazon links supports us, and it won’t make you pay more than the original price of the product.

This process works when the owner of a website or blog embeds their affiliate link received from Amazon in a special product on their blog. Now, if you click the link which is given with the products, it will redirect you to Amazon, and after purchasing the link over the next 24 hours, the author of the blog will receive a small portion of the commission from the link.

Please keep in mind that Amazon links are not pay-per-click. Only when you purchase within the next 24 hours will the blog author or website owner get their share.

Whenever you see a link with the word Amazon on our Footwear Guider website, it will be an Amazon product associated with that website.

The website is used not only for advertising products but also to study and educate people about certain products. We will consider all the important and well-known products on our Footwear Guider website without prejudice so that our customers can easily choose.

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