Privacy Policy is here to protect your privacy policy. We are always available to respond to you if you have any query or facing any trouble while providing your info.  

By using our website ( and our services, you agree to the set of policies and usage of data. For your understanding privacy policy is described below:


Personal Info: Data and set of info describing an individual’s identity.

Processing: It includes a couple of processes performed on personal info.

Data Subject: Subject refers to the Individual whose data or info we hold.

Child: Individual aging below than 16 years 


Data Protection principles

We abide by the given set of rules for the sake of providing information protection:

  • Our operations on the information are legit, definite, and gauzy.
  • We process data for meeting our objective.
  • We require little and basic info from individuals.
  • for a limited period, the operations on data performed
  • We provide the best safeguard to your info with us.
  • We keep the integrity and prudence of the info we hold.

Rights of Data Subject

The data subject has a few reasons. Such as:

  1. An individual has the right to access his/her data or info.
  2. An individual has the right to know whether their data is under process and who is performing operations on it.
  3. An individual has the right to modify his/her info provided to us.
  4. An individual has the right to request us to remove his/her particular info.
  5. An individual has the right to ask for limiting the processing and operations to his/her data or info.
  6. An individual has the right to claim for damages in case of any issue.
  7. An individual is allowed to withdraw his/her consent for the sake of Info processing

Data we require

Data we require from every Individual

We need an individual to submit the following information with us:

  • Full name of Individual
  • Email Address
  • Billing information or address
  • Residential address

Data cookies collect about individuals

Our privacy policy clearly mentions about our usage of cookies and other technical tools we use. There are cookies and other secession tools which gather your information automatically as:

  • Internet Protocol that is IP address
  • Your History with our website
  • Your aptitude

Data we receive from our partners

Our partners and commercial companions also provide data and info about you. All they provide is in a legal way. We gather such info for the sake of confirmation or verification.

Data publicly available

There is a possibility that we also may reach to publicity available data or info about you.

How we use your info

We use the personal info of the individuals for the sake of:

  • Offering the relatable services to you
  • Improve our customer experience with you
  • To complete the contract by law
  • Ensure you your info safety and security

Who else can access data with us?

We do not allow unauthorized individuals to access your data or personal info with us. In some cases, information is provided to trusted partners for the sake of serving you in the best way. We mostly share individuals’ info with:

  • Amazon associate
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics

How we keep data secure

We retain personal data and info of individuals under safe hands. We ensure its protection and security.