To all the volleyball players out there, I’m sure you all know the importance of the perfect volleyball shoes when it comes to the tournament. You need ideal friction and grip on your gym floor. This is probably the reason why best-ranked volleyball shoes are going in trend nowadays.

There is no doubt in needing the best when it comes to displaying your sportsmanship because a single flaw in your wearables can overcome your years of skills and leave you in second place.

Don’t worry. We care about you. This is why I’ve compiled the best-rated volleyball shoes 2021 so that you can choose from the finest.

Let’s wait no more time and jump in the reviews because the best quality volleyball shoes await you.

The ultimate guide to best volleyball shoes 2021.

Do you know what type of shoe is best for volleyball? I doubt so. There are too many aspects that you should consider before investing in volleyball shoe brands. But don’t you worry, I’m going to educate you all about what to keep in mind when purchasing volleyball sneakers or shoes.

But first, let’s overlook the finest products that we have in store for you today!

Comparison table

ASICS Women’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes
  • Features:
  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Rubber sole
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ASICS Men Gel- Rocket 9 volleyball shoes
  • Features:
  • Sock lining
  • Practical and open design
  • Synthetic fabric
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Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 Volleyball Shoe
  • Features:
  • Breathtaking mesh details
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Rubber sole & Lightweight
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Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball
  • Features:
  • Breathable
  • Handmade
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Asics women gel rocket 9 volleyball shoes
  • Features:
  • Synthetic and mesh fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable
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Adidas women’s crazy flight bounce 3 volleyball shoe
  • Features:
  • Grippy outsole
  • Adjustable lacing system
  • Synthetic sole
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  • Features:
  • Trusstic shoe system
  • Forefoot gel cushioning system
  • Breathable
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Mizonus women’s Wave momentum volleyball shoes
  • Features:
  • Rubbersole
  • Breathable
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ASICS Women’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes – best volleyball shows for setters designed especially for women

ASICS Men Gel- Rocket 9 volleyball shoes. – best volleyball shoes for wide feet perfect for all men’s sizes

Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 Volleyball Shoe- the perfect balance of beauty and a beast

Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball – the perfect staple of durability and sturdiness

Asics Women Gel Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes – best volleyball shoes for flat feet

Adidas Women’s Crazy Flight Bounce 3 Volleyball shoes – the perfect example of style and comfort

Asics Men Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoes – A perfect combination of style, comfort and performance-boosting

Mizonus women’s Wave momentum volleyball shoes – An ideal pair of shoes when it comes to comfort and performance

Let’s look into the comparison table for our best volleyball shoes for better assistance for you.

1.   ASICS Women’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes


If you like to mix a little style with comfort, these ASICS women’s volleyball shoes are perfect for you according to your liking. They are breathable, comfortable and they have an outclass style. Not to mention the color palette of the shoe, which is also breathtaking.

Our verdict

What I thought was best about the shoe was the removable sock liner so that you could add your own if you please. This attribute makes this piece the best comfortable one amongst many. When you have a deep look into the style, you will soon realize that it’s not an all-show and no-go, but it’s also pretty practical.

The durable and sturdy style and shape will help you play on your entire spirit. If you ask me, the only tip would be to choose the perfect size.

  • EVA midsole
  • Removable sock liner
  • Extra comfort
  • Sturdy shape
  • It has to be your perfect size


2.   ASICS Men Gel- Rocket 9 volleyball shoes


If you are looking for the perfect volleyball shoes to give you that extra pump and bounce, these shoes will be perfect with their EVA midsole technology. Not just that, the sock liner can be removed to add in a customized one for medicinal purposes.

The most important feature that makes the shoe shock absorbing is not to forget about the foot gel impact. It also has a trusstic system technology, which balances the weight of your shoe’s sole.

Our verdict

If you ask me, I would 100% recommend these volleyball shoes to men who want an extra kick in underperformance, along with a hint of customization with the sole. If you are looking for additional support and durability that will last all your life in a volleyball shoe, there is no shoe better than the gel-rocket nine by ASICS.

  • Durable sole
  • Impeccable grip
  • Great price
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • No heel support

3.   Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 Volleyball Shoe


Finding the perfect volleyball show for women, one which is beautiful and practical at the same time, is a tough job, but luckily the new Under Armour women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 volleyball shoe fills up that spot.

The shoe is perfect. It’s beautiful. It’s breathable, lightweight for better support and field play. It has an ankle collar that gives you complete support and control over your movements. The lacing gives you a perfect fit, even if there is a mishap in size. It’s all that you would want in a volleyball shoe.

Our verdict

What I like best about this piece is all the features present that is needed in a volleyball shoe, especially for women. It protects with style and comfort altogether.

Ladies, you won’t have to worry about broken or twisted ankles, smelly feet, or a game lost again if you have this bad girl along with you.

  • Best price
  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Variety of colors
  • The Sizes are not perfect

4.   Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball


Composed with breathable material to maintain the air circulation in your feet along with synthetic overlays to ensure that the composition is durable and will remain sturdy along the field, the Women’s Ligra by Adidas is perfect for your next volleyball game.

The shoe also stands out due to its comfortable lace closure that ensures a perfect foot fit. The EVA midsole gives you comfort with proper cushioning.

Our verdict

If I were on a volleyball team, I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to go for these beautiful pieces by Adidas, and the reason would be their unmatched comfort. The perfect for and sturdy sole will ensure support, control, and friction over the gym floor and the synthetic overlays that add a little strength to the overall shoe.

One thing that makes them different from the rest of the choices is also that they are perfect for wide feet.

  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Great support
  • The customer service can be a little lousy



ASICS is one of the best companies that provide the best volleyball shoes for women. When it comes to sports, shoes play an essential role, and it is necessary to have one that can boost your performance and the perfect amount of comfort. This pair of shoes have a lightweight mesh upper with synthetic overlays to maintain the feet’ structure and comfort levels.


If I wanted the perfect shoes for volleyball, I would assuredly go for the Asics women’s gel rocket-9 volleyball shoes as they are an ideal combination of comfort and style along with the performance-boosting lightweight sole just levels up the game.

  • Rubber sole
  • Durable enough
  • Different color choices
  • Light weight sole
  • Perfect fit
  • A bit expensive



Adidas never disappoints when it comes to shoes. Whether the shoes are for the sports or casual style. The Adidas women’s crazy flight bounce three is specially designed to fit right with comfort in the structure for women. The grippy outdoor rubber, along with adjustable shoelaces, makes it perfect for indoor surfaces.

Go to your volleyball games with the style, comfort, and performance booting shoes now to make your winning ratios even better.


Picking up the perfect shoes for the sports according to your feet structure, but what if we tell you that the Adidas women’s crazy flight bounce 3 is the best and affordable volleyball shoes you can get. It comes with a synthetic and lightweight sole along with 100% other fibers to make it just right for your volleyball games. Boost your sports performance with these now!

  • Regular fit
  • Grippy out sole
  • Adjustable lacing system
  • Different color choices
  • Durable and comfortable enough
  • Some customers didn’t like the style



Most men complain that they don’t feel comfortable enough in various shoes while playing their volleyball game. But when the shoes are designed according to the structure of men’s feet, you don’t have to be concerned anymore. The Asics men’s gel rocket 8 has the perfect amount of style, comfort, and forefoot gel cushioning system to level up your volleyball game.

This perfectionist has the trusstic system technology, which helps reduce the sole’s weight while retaining the physical integrity.


A synthetic and sole, durable enough and perfect style, what more do you need to better your winning ratios? The Asics men’s gel rocket eight is specially designed for the volleyball sport. The shaft measures low-top from the arch, helping you to move faster. Get this pair of shoes and go to your games with style and comfort. These are one of the best volleyball shoes for traction.

  • Different colour variety
  • Perfect fit
  • Light weight rubber sole
  • Perfect for flat feet
  • The size might be a problem for some people



Last but not least, if you are looking for something with a lightweight rubber sole and a perfect structure to fit in to boost your game performance, then Mizuno women’s wave momentum is one of the best volleyball shoes. The three-layer no-sew feature makes it just perfect for wide feet and flat feet.

Moreover, it has the dura shield feature, which prevents the toe from damaging during the game. This pair of shoes is the perfect example of the style, comfort and performance. Level up your performance with these and never lose a game again because of discomfort.


If you ask me, I would assuredly recommend these shoes as they are specially designed for women’s feet and are comfortable enough along with various features to make your volleyball experiences even better. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, these pair of shoes are the best you can get.

  • Comfortable enough
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Cushioning system maintains the stability
  • Some people didn’t like the design

How to choose the best volleyball shoes?

How to start searching?


The first thing that you keep to consider is what brand you will choose for volleyball shoes. It is nothing wrong with going with renowned brands’ names and companies because they try and do their best to maintain their shoe quality.

This is why you can trust these brands blindly rather than the local shoe stores. This is why the best volleyball shoes Nike is much more famous than any other local vendor.

Is the brand worth it? Skim reviews.

Once you are sure about your brand, this is the right time to look for reviews regarding the brand. The reviews will tell you if the brand is worth trying out or not.

A study showed that reviews and feedback determined the best volleyball shoes for women that clients left after trying them out.

Always look out for reviews on their social site rather than their website because those could be scripted.

Expensive or not?

Volleyball shoes cost different for everyone depending on their attributes. For example, the price of the best volleyball shoes for hitters will be further from the best volleyball shoes for liberos. This is because both of them will have different requirements.

But being expensive doesn’t mean having the best quality volleyball shoes. This is why you should always look into the price comparing the quality.

But how will you compare the quality because both, best volleyball shoes for men are different from than best volleyball shoes for women?

Don’t worry. I’m going to educate you about what aspects you should look into to determine the quality. Let’s wait no more and know all about them.

Things you should keep in mind while buying the top volleyball shoes?

Are they stable enough?

You should wear your volleyball shoes to check if they are the best volleyball shoes for jumping or not. This is because you probably will be jumping and moving around radically in those sneakers or shoes. The last thing you would want is to fall.

Your shoes should be stable and durable from the front to heal.

Do they give enough support?

You will need a good amount of support while moving around because you wouldn’t want to hurt your feet or ankles; if the shoes are bonded correctly and land perfectly on the ground, they are great for support.

Smelly or not?

It was a great game, and you won, now you wouldn’t want your feet to smell foul after you take off your so-called “best volleyball shoes in the world” for celebration.

If you want to avoid such a situation, then make sure that your volleyball shoes are breathable enough for air to pass through.

No compromise on comfort.

Being on the bed doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, and how will you play if your feet will hurt or itch? Make sure your feet are comfortable before you proceed with the buy.

Lightweight will get you through

You are bouncing and tossing in the air. In this situation, you would want your shoes to be light and easy to carry, or else the weight will be bringing you down and will cause hindrance between the game.

Volleyball shoes – Why they are so good?

Like all shoes available, volleyball shoes are intended for a particular reason. Volleyball is a game where there is a great deal of development in various ways and hops. It is accordingly fundamental that the shoes in which the player is found help this development. Having a great deal of tension on the body can be managed many occasions over, yet if you play this game consistently, it is fundamental to have shoes that can lessen the weight on your body. It’s so natural to harm your knees and lower legs in case you’re not cautious, so why face the challenge?

Volleyball shoes frequently cost equivalent to ordinary dress shoes, however, they are spongy. The material utilized on the sole of the shoe is intended to hold fast to wooden floors, so it is frequently delicate and gel-like. This implies that if you use it on cement and it scrapes a ton, it will destroy rapidly. Numerous individuals who wear these shoes just wear them on wooden surfaces, however, you can wear them as easily as regular shoes if you are cautious with them. Sports, for example, b-ball and tennis on hard, grippy surfaces are not suggested as the gel under the shoe will destroy rapidly.

These shoes are intended to be extremely light. These are the lightest shoes I have at any point worn and they are intended to fit the foot cozily, so you are firm in the shoe. Most volleyball shoes are not worn over the lower leg, which implies you can in any case roll your lower leg without any problem. To counter this, most experts will utilize lower leg supports, which transcend the leg and truly keep the lower leg from rolling.

It very well may be an exceptionally difficult encounter and will require your life to be postponed for at any rate a week or even half a month. Basic planning before playing a specific game can save you a great deal. As is commonly said; Prevention is superior to fix.

Various brands make volleyball shoes, some are superior to other people, yet generally speaking, they are for the most part awesome. Numerous individuals use b-ball shoes to play volleyball since they offer great help, are moderately light, and agreeable to wear. The main piece of volleyball is the capacity to move rapidly and bounce high. Having a shoe that supports this aide’s practice at a lot more elevated level. It is crucial to deal with your body utilizing legitimate volleyball hardware.

Brands of volleyball shoes?

Whatever athletic gear you are hoping to purchase, there will be numerous brands that make them. Volleyball shoes are no exemption for this and accordingly, there are more than 10 top brands that make shoes. Of these, two truly overwhelm, in particular Mizuno and Asics. Both of these brands have been around for a long time and have fostered probably the best shoe innovation in volleyball.

In any case, because these two brands overwhelm the market doesn’t imply that there aren’t any more modest brands making quality hardware by the same token. Take the New Balance volleyball shoes for instance; Much less expensive yet at the same time works and work extraordinary. I generally tell individuals that if you are just learning volleyball, purchasing the best shoes is a misuse of cash. If you have the cash to discard it, why not, yet truth be told a couple of reasonable volleyball shoes will do.

Eventually, volleyball shoes are very much like regardless of which brand you purchase in any case; It’s only a couple of little enhancements from a portion of the greater brands that make them significantly more famous. At the point when you are an expert volleyball competitor, these little contrasts can affect a gold decoration and a silver award, which is the reason there is a business opportunity for shoes of this quality.

I realize I have seen individuals playing fantastic quality volleyball in ball tennis shoes, or even normal Asics running shoes. You don’t have to have the best hardware on the planet to play well! My idea at that point is to truly go out to shop. Take a stab at a few kinds of shoes and choose what you like. You’ll improve esteem with lesser-known brands since you’re not paying for the brand factor.

Why a couple of volleyball shoes can help you play better?

If you are an expert volleyball player, or even only an end-of-the-week player, you can likely profit by purchasing a decent pair of volleyball shoes. Luckily, shoes are the solitary hardware you should purchase if you are a continuous gamer. This makes volleyball a lovely modest game, particularly since volleyball shoes are modest at any rate.

Motivation to purchase a decent pair of Volleyball shoes

The fundamental motivation to purchase a decent pair of shoes for the game is that they are planned generally for volleyball. The shoes produced by ASICS and Mizuno are especially appropriate for volleyball. These styles of shoes are frequently loaded with a wide range of highlights and methods that can assist you with improving your game. In particular, these shoes typically contain materials that assist hop and land, just as move rapidly.

For instance, numerous ASICS brand volleyball shoes, contain an innovation called the GEL Cushioning System. This trademark permits the shoes to be truly agreeable and steady. Additionally, this padding framework should hold your foot back from getting drained by keeping it steady and padded. This element is incredible for volleyball players as they are continually moving their feet and hopping, so additional cushioning can have a huge effect.

Numerous brands of volleyball shoes likewise have breathable lattice materials so your feet can inhale somewhat more. Sweat-soaked feet during a volleyball match-up can be irritating and prompt aggravation within the shoe. These air network pieces can help keep this from occurring, which will cause you to feel greater while playing.

Innovation of Volleyball Shoes

Most volleyball shoes additionally contain some kind of innovation which gives a scope of effect obstruction. It can help gamers who get into gaming for clear reasons. If you are playing on a hard surface and continually hop as high as conceivable to hit the ball, sway obstruction when landing can improve your endurance and make the arrival more agreeable.

Volleyball shoes can give that little additional edge that benefits players. With a decent pair, your exhibition can be expanded moderately, and it will likewise help your feet stay agreeable and stable. If you are a genuine volleyball player, you should consider buying a couple of these top-of-the-line shoes.


Choosing the perfect fit for your next volleyball game can be a challenging and tough decision, but now due to our detailed review, you know where to buy volleyball shoes, then don’t stay back and go for it.

All you need to keep in mind is the points and aspects we mentioned earlier about buying the volleyball shoes according to your requirements. Once you have those in mind, you set to find your perfect pair.

So what are you waiting for? The next win awaits you!


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