How to start shoes business: a beginners guide

There are mostly two reasons that you would be interested in how to start s shoe business online. The number one reason can be that you are interested in opening any kind of business to support your earning. Therefore, you thought it is easier to get into the shoe market so, you decided to devise a shoe business plan.

The second main reason can be that you are a keen shoe lover and enthusiast. Due to this reason, you want to convert your passion and knowledge about shoes into a source of income to support yourself. Therefore, you stumbled upon this article to get an answer to how to start up a shoes business.

Now, let us guide you through the process of how to open a shoe store step by step:

Brand Name:

These days, brand names are the way through which businesses are recognized. That is another reason why there are a lot of shoe manufacturing companies that are just copying Nike and Addidas’s brand names when manufacturing their own shoes.

Hence, creating a brand and opening a shoe store is a task of utmost patience. You need to promote your brand at small and big levels and you can do this by creating a brand presentation or mood boards to remind you of your vision.


Proper research before entering into a new field is paramount. Without that, you will end up losing all your hard-earned cash. Believe me or not, extensive research can even help you answer your question of how to start a shoe business with no money.

Jump into your research hats and find your niche!

Finding your niche!

Ahhh! Niche a world that sounds cool, isn’t it. However, this word carries a lot of significance when you are researching how to start a shoe making business. By finding your niche, it means what category of shoes you would be aiming for when selling shoes on Facebook and selling shoes on Instagram. A proper niche can earn you a huge amount of capital.

Shoe Designs:

If you are thinking of manufacturing your own shoes, then the next important step after doing the above ones would be sketching out what your shoes can look like. You can either hire a person who has experience in this kind of stuff. Otherwise, you can learn how to do this kind of stuff.

Those rough sketches can be then converted into technical prototypes which can then be approved by you before sending them into production. 


I am 100 percent sure that you would have come across this word, ‘prototype’, at least once in your lifetime. Now, as you are looking for the answer to how to start a sneaker business, you would have to create your first sneaker prototype. This includes all the technical details, shoe designs, patterns, heel, and sole, manufacturing cost, and whatnot.

When you are satisfied with those prototypes and samples, you can use them for online marketing and more footwear business ideas.


This is one of the strongest pillars. You have to build in your journey how to start a custom shoe business. You can opt for offline or online marketing. I would suggest you go for online marketing. It provides you with great responses and reaches a vast amount of audience.

During this process of marketing, do not forget to get your customers’ feedback. Usually, their opinions will help in how to sell shoes effectively and efficiently.

Packaging and distribution:

Some people frequently ask me how much does it cost to open a shoe store? I would usually answer them that you can either opt from selling shoes from home or purchase a store where you can place your shoes.

If you are selling shoes from home, you would need a shoe distributor. The purpose of that shoe distributor is to manage and package your shoes properly and send them to the desired customer’s location. Therefore, by answering this question of how to become a shoe distributor, you would be almost at the end of the shoe-making business set-up.

Bonus tip:

Whenever you are hiring a company to manufacture your own shoes, then just keep in mind and remember to check the reputation of that company. The wiser you make that choice, the cheaper and high-quality shoes would be developed under your brand name.


So, we are at the end of the article. I hope that this how to start branded shoe business guide has helped you answer most of the questions. If you have further questions, feel free to have a look at our FAQs section. I hope this guide has given you a piece of proper knowledge and has made you ready to sell your first designed shoe.

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