Best Badminton Shoes For A Perfect Match

The shoe is the need of every player. Without shoes, no game or sport could play. There are many types of shoes which can wear according to needs and occasions. If you are a runner, then you need a high collar and mid-cut shoe. They will protect your feet and make them comfortable. The best badminton shoes in this regard are best. These are stylish as well as most valuable for games.

Table of Content – Best Badminton Shoes

Shoes are a vital part of an individual’s personality. It depicts the accurate picture of someone. Proper attention should given while buying the best pair of shoes. Though it is not always convenient to get our choice of quality pair of shoes, we have to struggle for it. Shoes are not an item that one can ignore, but it is a vital part of one. It’s dressing like a player’s uniform matters the same as his shoes have worth too.

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Top 10 Best Badminton Shoes in 2020!

  • Excellent grip
  • reasonable price
  • Highly comfortable
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  • Air mesh tongue
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • High top supports
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  • Multipurpose shoes
  • Breathability
  • Foam insole for enhancing
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  • Premium quality shoes
  • Made up with Synthetic leather
  • Muscular and demanded anti roller
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  • Highly suitable for sports
  • Smooth and stable transition
  • Helps in dispersing pressure
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  • Super light in weight
  • Perfect for foot joints
  • comfortable
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  • Soft and cushioned
  • Imported item
  • Rubber sole
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  • Optimum spacing and depth in shoes
  • Good grip
  • Reduce the level of stress
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  • light in weight
  • Fully durable
  • power cushion
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  • E.V.A. supported
  • Durable
  • Fit for a badminton player
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1. Yonex Power Cushion Men’s Badminton Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion Men’s Badminton Shoes |


This Yonex Power Cushion Men’s Badminton Shoes at the top of the list in the top ten shoes of the Badminton. With its structure and lightness, it has been the most favourite shoe of the people. People buy this not only for the sport or game but also for outdoor uses. These shoes are the best choice for outdoors and games because they rubber outer sole, which makes them so grippy that running becomes effortless.

These shoes have a collar but the most effective lace system. It has vandalized, which acts as a health provider for the feet. This shoe is best for feet because its structure is feet friendly. And it keeps the feet comfortable. This shoe’s properties make it the most wearable shoe in the market. With its thick tongues, it becomes more convenient for the feet. If someone is looking for the best badminton shoe, this is the best one.


  • Relaxing pair of shoes
  • Full-time cushion support
  • Available in all bright colors
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] A right-sized shoe for badminton player
A good item with reasonable price
Highly comfortable
A perfect piece for your feet
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Poor quality
Lack of durability

2. Mishansha Men’s Court Squash Badminton Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non-Slip

Mishansha Men’s Court Squash Badminton Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non-Slip |


It is at second rank in the list of top ten shoes on our website. They made with 100% leather. These are mesh shoes and their outsole made of rubber that make them the most vigorous and robust shoes. With its structure, they are the ultimate source of energy that keeps the on the ground longer times. These are known for their frictional property. The thick bootie, which makes it so comfortable.

This shoe has a ventilation panel, which makes the boots more healthful for the feet. It has an anatomical lace system, which covers the whole feet. This shoe comes in all colors, all sizes. No matter big or small your feet are, these are perfect for you. It not only helps in playing but also highlights your personality. This shoe can use for almost all the occasion like gym, party, running, jogging, and walking.


  • Available in all colors
  • Sole Made with rubber
  • The unique color combo of shoes
  • Perfect shoes for sports
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] A synthetic leather material and mesh
Soft textile lining
Foam insole for enhancing support
Highly elastic
Affordable price
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Little issue with insole quality

3. Jazba Squash Shoes

Jazba Squash Shoes |


The Jazba Squash Shoe being third at the list shoe has its properties. The people like this shoe because it is light in weight. The rubber used in this shoe is non marking. It means there is no marking on, and neither can it come quickly. With retro style, this shoe has become mostly used by the people in indoor and outdoor activities. This rubber sole also makes it the most skid-free shoes among the other.

This shoe’s for part insulated with lizard 1x coating. It is best for anyone who is looking for the best shoe for his activities. This shoe has Duraskin, which reduces its weight and increases its stability. This shoe stitched toe wall, which makes it most suitable for all sorts of games.


  • Available in black, blue and white color
  • Non-skid protection
  • Comfortable
  • Fully stable and protected
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Knitted textile design
Multipurpose shoes
Classic styling
Stitched front toe wall
Light in weight
Non-Abrasive coating of shoes
Non-marking rubber sole
[/i2pros] [i2cons] LiLittle wide toe
No arch supports
Insole is hard

4. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes |


This LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton shoe is the fourth level of the is list but still is the most liked shoe. This shoe imported, and that’s why people buy this. The material used in this shoe preparation is air mesh and synthetic leather which make this shoe reliable and healthy? This material has the property to let air flow in the shoe. It doesn’t let the sweat gather at the feet, which ultimately reduces the smell. If you want a durable shoe, then this is for you. This shoe has an advanced layer of the tuff tip inside.

Moreover, this shoe has multi rubber soles, which provides the wearer the more excellent fixation. This shoe has an attractive look and structure. If you want to protect your heel, then the shoe is for you. This shoe has a unique arrangement for the heel. With its cooling lace system, this shoe tightness can adjust to the need of game you are playing or the activity you are doing.


  • Light in weight shoes
  • Breathable sport shoes
  • Available in all bright colors
  • Imported item
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Premium quality shoes
Made up with Synthetic leather
Anti-skid Sole made of rubber
Multiflex sole
Muscular and demanded anti roller
Q.R. code inside the shoes for authenticity
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Suitable only for indoor games
Little issues in weight of shoes

5. LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes Professional Sneakers

LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes Professional Sneakers |


Lining men badminton is one of the best shoes for Badminton. This shoe imported which increase its sale. People love to wear imported shoes. It made up of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather makes this shoe one of the most demandable shoes among the players. This material makes this shoe as a sweat absorbent. It keeps your feet dry throughout the whole game. This dryness also reduces the chances of bad smell. If you are searching for a perfect badminton shoe, then here is the solution for you.

We are presenting the imported lining men’s footwear. This mid shoe cut which enables the player to run faster and without any pain or arch. With the ventilation panel, it provides breadth to the feet. It is beneficial for the health of the feet. The most advanced cushions provide more comfort and flexibility to the player. This shoe is for any sort of game. This sneaker has the foam cushion, which makes this most comfortable.


  • Imported item
  • Made with synthetic leather material
  • Pro bar Loc for support
  • Available in 12 colors
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Highly stable and suitable for sports
Made with high rebound compression-resistant material
Can absorb shock
Helps in dispersing pressure
Smooth and stable transition while exercising
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Heavy
Not entirely suitable for Badminton

6. Yonex Indoor Court Sports Shoes

Yonex Indoor Court Sports Shoes |


It comes at the sixth rank in the list provided on the website. This shoe specially made for sports. If you are a lover, then this shoe is for you. This shoe made through keeping the indoor and outdoor requirements in mind. It is a purely made with textile and synthetic. The material used for this shoe is of high quality. That’s why people most like this shoe.

This shoe is an imported item. It means it is a bit expensive and most beloved people who want to use imported things. This shoe also contains the tuber outsole, which makes it perfect for outdoors. It will adjust to every outdoor situation. Sometimes there is rain and sometimes there is mud. This shoe can sustain all types of hardness. This shoe has an air mesh tongue.

Further, it has a soft collar and rear quarter. It has a cloud foam stock liner and mid sockliner. It comes in many colours and sizes. It makes the most comfortable. So, you don’t need to worry about if your feet are big or small.


  • Imported item
  • Available in blue, white, yellow and other colors
  • Affordable price
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Perfect for foot joints
Authentic Yonex
Make you feel gentle
Suitable for more than five sports
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Inferior quality and artistry
Big and hurting toes

7. Yonex Men’s New Badminton Shoes

Yonex Men's New Badminton Shoes |


Among the top ten badminton shoes, Yonex Men’s New Badminton Shoes comes at the seventh rank. It is a fact that every shoe has its own unique properties, and the players chose this shoe according to their needs. If you need to play games without hurting your feet or slipping, then a shoe with its full potential is present for you. You can do all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities with this shoe. Its outsole rubber provides this shoe the grip and makes it most fixed to the ground.

This shoe has a multi rubber sole and also has a midsole rubber. The all-new power cushion and structure of the boots makes shoes lightest ever. It is somehow similar to the best badminton shoe. This shoe has the most more significant shock absorbing ability. In an experiment, when an egg dropped above the cushion sheet from seven-meter, it bounced back up to four meters. This shoe’s upper made up of the P.U. Leather. It provides additional support for the strongness of the shoe.


  • Available in combination colors
  • Made with textile material
  • Fully comfortable
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] A superfast and light footwear
Available with power cushion
Harsh Brid light solid E.V.A. power graphite sheet
Outer sole made of runner
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Poor quality of shoes
High price for a single pair

8. Yonex Comfort Z Men’s Badminton Shoes

Yonex Comfort Z Men's Badminton Shoes |


If you are the victim of the ankle problem, then here the shoe for you. This shoe is at the eighth rank of the list of the top ten Badminton shoes. The main thing about this shoe is that it has the midsole, which made up of the power cushion. And its upper sole is made up of the double Russel mesh. It makes this shoe breathable and comfortable and enables it for the running. It has a rubber sole. It helps the shoe to be the best for its performance.

This shoe is very soft from inside. That’s why it is very comfortable and provides relief from the arch and pain. Having very thin and thick bootie makes this shoe the best form sport. With its synthetic and textile material, it is beneficial for the health of the shoe. It enhances the breathability of shoe. No sweat is possible with this shoe. It has a vandalized mid foot panel. The sticky heel makes shoes fixed on the ground. It has an underfoot die-cut E.V.A. sock liner that provides underfoot cushion. Its lightness of midsole E.V.A. makes running more comfortable. With rubber outsole and herringbone patterns make this very gripey to the ground. And the player needs no worry about slipping.


  • Available in white and black colors
  • Double Russel mesh
  • Addition of special elastic resin to power cushion
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Grooves designed with a lattice pattern
Optimum spacing and depth in shoes
Conventional power cushioning for support
Reduces the level of stress
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Not comfortable for all type of sports
May be little Havier in weight

9. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2 Men’s Indoor Court Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2 Men's Indoor Court Shoes |


The second last shoe on the top ten list of the shoes, this shoe is very efficient in absorbing the sick. This shoe, through its name, reveals that it is the best choice for badminton players. With lightness, it gives power to the player to play nicely. This shoe is not only the best but also cheap. The analytics shows that most people buy this, maybe just because of its fitness.

It made with 100% textile material and synthetic fabric. And it has the sole of rubber. It has a very comfortable booties spread all over the area inside, making the shoe more comfortable. This shoe has beautiful collars that support the ankle. With its herringbone traces, it becomes more stacked to the earth, ultimately providing grip to the player. This shoe is breathable, which never lets the feet become uncomfortable. It has durable and substantiated lace bands.


  • Available in gorgeous colors like yellow, blue and white, black, etc
  • Made with textile material
  • Ultra-fine double Russel mesh
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Extremely light in weight
Fully durable
High performance of midsole
Equipped with power cushion for support
Solid E.V.A
3D power of graphite sheet
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Quality is a little poor
Not a great item in such price

10. Yonex SC-5 MX adminton Shoes

Yonex SC-5 MX Badminton Shoes |


This shoe comes at the last of the list of top ten shoes. This shoe can be beneficial in playing Badminton. This shoe piece is one of the best in the series of Yonex. Among the top ten badminton shoes, Yonex SC-5 MX Badminton Shoes comes at tenth rank. Shoes chosen according to the needs of the people, and it is a fact that every shoe has its own properties. If you are willing to play games without harming your feet or slipping, then a shoe with its full potential is present for you.

You can do all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities with this shoe. Its outer sole made with rubber, provides its grip and makes it fixed to the ground. The all-new power cushion and structure of the boots makes shoes lightest ever.

This shoe has the most more enormous shock absorbing ability. In an experiment, when an egg dropped above the cushion sheet from seven meters, it bounced back up to four meters. The upper of This shoe made up of the P.U. Leather. It provides additional support.This shoe is beneficial in running and jogging.  It doesn’t let the player to slip. This shoe has a multi rubber sole and also has a midsole rubber.


  • Available in white, black and grey colors
  • Made of leather and polyester material
  • Outer sole made of rubber
[i2pc pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ] [i2pros] Fully supportive shoes
The midsole is E.V.A. supported
Entirely comfortable and easy to use
Fit for a badminton player
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Higher price for such shoes
Quality may be poor

Factors You Must Consider Before Buying the Best Badminton Shoes!

A wide variety of these shoes is available. The people choose them according to their needs. What you need to is come to on our website and have a glance. At the vast collection of badminton shoes and choose one of them and click on the buy. They are in every size and every colour. A shoe particularly associated with Badminton is those who have some particular properties. Excellent support, as well as the grip of shoes, make the player feels comfortable while playing.

The players become worried about their items to use in the playground. That is why complete care must be taken while buying items for a player. No matter either the player belongs to Asia or any region of the world. The thing is to grab all premium quality material, which keeps him protected and fit during his performance in the play area. No doubt badminton is a light game, but it needs attention too. Keep in mind the core properties of a shoe specific for a sport. A good pair of badminton shoes have the following characteristics:

✔ Lightweight

✔ Traction grip

✔ Durability of shoes

✔ Efficient Cushioning and support

✔ The appropriate size of the shoe

✔ Comfortable and easy to wear

keep in mind the features mentioned earlier of a pair of badminton shoes while every final purchase. No matter how much the price of the shoe will cost you. There are countless benefits of these shoes. A couple of highly comfortable and the best size of the shoe let the player win in all battles of sports.

The success of a player limited when he faces any inconvenience from his wearing. Spending a few dollars more on a premium quality item will provide you various advantages and calm in the future. No matter if your fleet is big or small, these shoes will fit you.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are badminton shoes necessary?

Yes, badminton shoes are necessary to wear in the court to reduce the chance of ankle sprain. The best badminton shoes are specifically designed for the lateral movement on the surface to play the best stroke.

Can we use running shoes for badminton?

Running shoes are not best for badminton because the soles are inflexible which cause impede in agility.

What is non-marking shoes for badminton?

Non-marking shoes for badminton have soles which come with not-so-hard soles. These soles do not have any mark on the surfaces that damage the playing turf or court.

Can tennis shoes be used for badminton?

Yes, but it is not advisable to play badminton with these shoes because of high padding in heel and more weight which cause difficulty in overhead shots when you lean back . Some tennis shoes are not designed to be non-marking.

What is the difference between Volleyball shoes and badminton shoes?

Volleyball shoes and badminton shoes are differ in terms of minimalist features. Badminton shoes are light weight and have gum rubber soles with no- marking which provide maximum stability, lower centre of gravity, quick reaction time and traction. Whereas, Volleyball shoes have much padding in front of it soles which absorbs shock from jumping and landing. These shoes have low ankle support and are much lighter in weight.

Are Yonex tennis shoes good?

Yes, Yonex tennis light weight shoes are an exceptional three layer cushioning with shock absorbing mid sole which provides an extraordinary comfort, traction, and flexibility for movement in the court.

Can I use badminton shoes for gym?

Badminton shoes can be used for gym but it’s not recommended .you can run up to 15 minutes continuously with these shoes. Any type of workout either walking, or running on treadmill for maximum time require unique shoes.

What shoes do badminton players wear?

Light weight best badminton shoes with gum rubber soles like Yonex Power Cushion 65Z, Li-Ning AYTLo31, Victor A960 and ASICS GEL Rocket7 are the top choices for an exceptional game.


A pair of shoes means a lot for a player, either playing on a national or international forum. Every player wants a pair of shoes that are perfect for his feet and never irritates. Every item, either uniform or a knee pad, must be entirely comfortable and supportive during a performance in a playground. The dressing manager finds the best badminton shoes for a player by keeping all the needs and wants of the player’s shoes in mind.All the credit of a successful player goes to every item or thing he or she uses while playing.

A badminton player must have a pair of shoes that support his performance and let him toward the win. A badminton player has to manage the game as well as the shoes and uniform. The shoelaces must be tied tightly while performing in the playground. It will not then create a mess while he is performing his final hour.

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