Top 8 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping With Buying Guide

Every basketball player when enters court has the same strategy in mind “To make a score as many as possible.” But according to the bitter reality, not every player succeeds in doing this. No matter how fit you are, if you are not wearing perfect basketball shoes, then you can’t achieve the goal.

The thing that can boost your performance is your basketball shoes. Here we present you the “Top 8 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping.” This list is present after broad research in the market. We have selected the top brand available in the market like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour.

See the list of basketball shoes that make you jump higher.

  1. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus
  2. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3
  3. Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier XIII SFG
  4. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019
  5. Under Armour Men’s Curry 5
  6. Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017
  7. Nike Zoom KD 12
  8. Adidas Own The Game

Comparison Table

Best Basketball Shoes for Dunking
Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus
  • Features:
  • Smooth shape
  • Foamy air-filled cushions at sole bottom
  • 16.6 oz. weight
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Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping
Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3
  • Features:
  • 470g weight
  • Criss cross design
  • Zigzag colored patterns
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Best Basketball Shoes for men
Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier XIII SFG
  • Features:
  • 401g weight
  • Upper has foamy layers for extra fit
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best basketball shoes for sweat free
Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019
  • Features:
  • 379.8g weight
  • 0-3 inches boot size
  • Cloth layers present in the inner sole
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Best Basketball Shoes for Vertical Jump
Under Armour Men’s Curry 5
  • Features:
  • Lace-up lockdown
  • 341g weight
  • Sweat absorption through foam and cloth layers
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Best Basketball Shoes for Jump Shooters
Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017
  • Features:
  • Side curves for extra beauty and support
  • Available in 5 colors
  • 100% synthetic fiber & 427g weight
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Best Shoes for Jumping Exercises
Nike Zoom KD 12
  • Features:
  • Fly knit tongue at the front
  • 439g weight & ¾ collar
  • Air Zoom cushions
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Best Sneakers for jumping
Adidas Own the Game
  • Features:
  • Elegant design
  • 369g weight
  • Cloud-foam midsole cushions
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1.  Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus: Best Basketball Shoes for Dunking

Presenting you with the best rated and best overall shoes for basketball “Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus.” These shoes are one of the most recommended basketball shoes by players. Scroll down to check its features.

They’re somewhat hotter and the upper texture was a touch more ‘breathable’ than them, yet they’re OK. These are protected when playing, they are wide and entirely steady, they are marvelous and they look amazing.

A little close to the initial not many occasions, however, the material permits the adaptability to unwind around your foot. The solitary objection is the bands. They’re somewhat short and fallen off at times, yet not all that regularly that is an issue. If you’ve worn mambas before and cherished them, you’ll love this shoe, and if you’re searching for a low, reasonable shoe then this would be a protected proposal.

Outer Sole

Not only the inner sole is high in quality, but the outer sole is not less than anyone. The whole shoe is printed with a snake-print. The outer sole is hard in texture and makes a strong grip on the ground. The patterns present at the bottom of the sole are hard and make a strong connection with the basketball court.


The cushion technique Nike has used in this Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus shoe is “Zoom.” The whole inner sole is filled with Zoom Air units. During usage, when pressure is exerted on the shoe, the air units release the filled air. Which is return, make the shoe light and allow the player to jump higher and run faster.

The midsole lockdown is laced-up.


Nike has used next-level skin-printed fabric in Kobe Mamba Focus shoes. The fabric quality is satisfying and comfortable. The fabric is thick in fiber and can run up to 1 year without issues.

Nike has provided fabric in seven radiant and warm colors.

Inner Sole

The quality of the inner sole is soft and out-class. Don’t think that you will feel pain after wearing these shoes. The sole is specially created to provide comfort to the user. The collar of the shoes fit with the foot and gives a comfy fit.


Nike has rocked even in this aspect. Kobe Mamba Focus has an extremely comfortable upper. The layers present at the front side of the shoes protect the foot from external pressures.

Your foot will not feel suffocated after wearing these shoes.

  • Perfect on a slippery surface
  • The cushion technique is satisfying
  • Available in eye-catching colors
  • The cushion is hard

Final Verdict

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus is an excellent option for many players out there. If you have a budget and want to enjoy smooth performance, then buy these shoes. The best part about these shoes is their cushion quality. The main reason you are looking for shoes is to enjoy jumping performance, and with these shoes, you can achieve this.

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2.  Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3: Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping 2021

The second shoes that we have on our list are Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3. Adidas is a leading shoe brand in the world. These shoes are no doubts are the best basketball shoes to increase vertical jump.

Great padding feels yet somewhat massive around the sole. The fit is very cozy, yet sensible. The band’s project from the velcro lashes and it looks truly cheap. Agreeable shoes notwithstanding, despite their solace.

The shoes were credible and new, they tie up and have a tremendous velcro strip covering the highest point of these sneakers. The fit is true to form, yet at the same time harder than some other high or mid mentor to get them on my feet. When they were set up they were fine, yet one side continued scouring against my lower legs. Wear taller socks with these sneakers to try not to rub your skin to death by these sneakers. The shoes were real and extremely new.

Check out the features below.


The cushion is the first classic feature of these shoes. Harden B/E 3 has soft rubber cushions that help in the high jump. The overall feel of the cushion is very comfortable. The midsole has a foam cushion, and the heel part has a stiff cushion. This combination is ideal for basketball players.

Fabric Quality

The Harden B/E 3 has thick but soft fabric. The print on the fabric is lining style. There is a wide color range of fabric present in the Harden B/E 3 series. The fabric is reliable in performance.

If you want to have customized basketball shoes in the same B/E 3 series, then you can contact Adidas. They will accept your request for sure.

Inner Sole

Adidas deserves to appreciate for the quality of sole has used in Harden B/E 3 basketball shoes. The feel of the shoes feels when we wear them, and the inner sole is the first part that contact with our skin. Adidas has used an extra soft foamy inner sole in Harden B/E 3 shoes. Extra soft and bouncy sole perfect for basketball players.


The upper quality is also extremely soft and comfortable. There are extra fabric layers supported at the front. These layers not only fit with the foot but also protect from excess heat formation.

The upper perfectly fit the foot without exerting extra pressure.

Outer sole

The outer sole is of rubber material and has zigzag color patterns on it. The outsole is perfect to prevent the player from falling on the ground.

  • Imported quality
  • The cushion is soft and comfortable in feel
  • The outer sole has zigzag patterns
  • Not such cons found

Final Verdict

Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 is an imported quality shoe. From the cushion to the upper everything is comfortable. Do prefer these shoes.

3.  Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier XIII SFG: Best Basketball Shoes for Dunking

baskit ball 3

Here comes the second shoe of the Nike brand. It would not be wrong to say that Nike is leading the world of shoes right now. Men’s LeBron Soldier XIII SFG is an out-class piece of art.

The launch of the foot is very close to these. They never had lashes and possibly they’re all similar to that. When entirely agreeable, however.

The ideal shoe for developing young men who battle with bands, however, need shoes in a mainstream style. They are costly, yet it merited discovering shoes that fit him, are agreeable for him, and use velcro rather than bands. This is his third pair.

These sneakers are somewhat close. They will be fine. If that is the thing that you like, I suggest. I purchased the 9 1/2. Highly contrasting.

Check out its features.

Inner Sole

The inner sole is the most interacted part of the shoes with the player’s body. The choice of inner sole directly intermingles with human physics. By keeping customer comfort in mind, Nike has used an extraordinary soft inner sole in the shoes.

The foamy inner soles give a padded feel to the foot. Those players, who have excess sweating issues, can have these shoes. The inner soles are specially designed to absorb the sweating production and to keep the foot dry.


Are you tired of trying shoes that exert pressure on the foot and make you feel suffocated? Then try Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFG. The upper of this shoe will fit with your foot easily and give you a smooth performance.

The cloth layers of the upper are designed to prevent heat formation and to keep the foot relaxed.


The Zoom Air cushions present in these LeBron Soldier XIII SFG shoes will give you a high jumping performance. The midsole cushions and the cushions present in the solid heel are best for high jumps.

The lockdown is a strap. The strap sticking quality is also very impressive.

Outer Sole

The performance of the outer sole is as classy as its looks. The outer soles are hard with solid patterns on them.

  • The outer sole is perfect for smooth performance
  • The upper fits the foot smoothly
  • The quality of the cushion could be more comfortable

Final Verdict

Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier XIII SFG is a smooth performance shoe. The upper is footer friendly. These shoes are awesome for back-forward players.

4.  Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019: Shoes That Help You Dunk

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 is a well-balanced cushioned shoe. The moment you wear the shoe, you will realize that how comfortable they are.

I began playing basketball again and required a decent pair of shoes. At the cost, (not at all like some other basketball shoe), it’s very agreeable and utilitarian. Sideways, forward, askew, and in reverse developments are simple as is the bounce.

They are somewhat close, however, relying upon the brand at times I need a wide shoe and here and there I don’t. As far as I might be concerned, this is a poop shoot.

They’re strong and responsive, and hold the ground so well, gave her lower legs the genuinely necessary help, so not exclusively do these shoes look great, however, they likewise offer barely sufficient help around. His lower legs so he can play securely without the shoes being excessively close.

Scroll down to check the product’s features.


Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019 has well-balanced and comfortable cushions. The air units release air and make the player jump inches higher.

The midsole cushions are foamy and air-filled. These air-filled cushions, when releasing the air, the weight of the shoe becomes light, which helps the player, jump a little higher.

Inner Sole

The best part about the inner sole is that no matter how hot the weather may be, the synthetic inner sole will keep your foot sweating free. The extra lining of the inner sole can absorb sweat.

Outer Sole

The measured boot size is 0-3 inches. The material is hard rubber. On the sides of the shoes, you will see a detailed curve that enhances the beauty of the shoes. The patterns present at the bottom are next-level. These patterns increase the grip of the shoe and provide extra support to the player.

Fabric Quality

The fabric used is 100% fiber. The fabric is thick but fits with the foot perfectly with no excess sweat production. The fabric is available in radian colors. Fabric quality remains the same for years and years.


If you are a forward player, then these shoes are perfect for you. The upper is designed in a way to provide more strength for a powerful force. Extra fabric and foam layers are also present at the front of the shoes. These foamy layers give a quilted feel and help in the absorption of excess sweat.

  • Lightweight
  • Keep the sweating free
  • Amazing cushion quality
  • The fit in quality is a little bit tight
  • Dust easily carried by the outer soles

Final Verdict

Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019 is a next-level shoe. The range is also pretty affordable. The most eye-catching feature this shoe offers is excess sweat production.

5.  Under Armour Men’s Curry 5: Best Basketball Shoes for Vertical Jump

The fifth shoe we have on our list is Under Armour Men’s Curry 5. These shoes are one of the best basketball shoes that make you jump higher.

Outer Sole

The designs of the outer soles are highly classical. The overall performance of the outer sole is satisfying, but it picks up dust easily. The grip with the surface is also outstanding and helps in support as well.

The design of the patterns present at the sole bottom is unique. The material of the outer sole is rubber. Rubber is a flexible material. It helps in maintaining the strength and grip of the shoe with the floor. The square shape patterns present at the front side of the shoes have an air-filled cushion in them.


Under Armour has used the same cushion as in the Men’s Curry 4. The foam dense EVA cushions are amazing for higher vertical jumps. Another eye-catching feature these shoes provide is the relaxation of the muscles.

Once you will wear these shoes, you will feel that your pain and stress is faded away. The reason behind this is the inner soles and cushions.

Inner Sole

The inner sole quality is highly satisfying. After wearing the shoes, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. The inner soles have comfy inner layers. These layers keep the foot relaxed and also absorb sweat.


Many users complain about the upper quality that it suffocates around the foot. Under Armour has ended this issue by manufacturing the best outdoor basketball shoes: Men’s Curry 5. The upper is extremely comfortable around the foot, with a smooth fit.

To provide extra fit and support, the foamy layers are present. These layers not only keep the foot safe but also make the player feel comfortable and relaxed.

Fabric Quality

The fabric quality feels so good in the hands. Synthetic and Textile fabric is used of imported quality. This fabric is awesome in absorbing external pressures and keeping the foot safe.

  • High-class cushion quality
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Lightweight for maximum speed and jumps
  • Available in three eye-catching colors
  • Upper is extremely comfortable
  • The outer sole picks dust easily

Final Verdict

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 is one of the lightweight shoes that increase vertical jumps. The price is also pretty affordable. By having these shoes you can keep your foot relaxed and can perform a better game.

6.  Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017: Best Basketball Shoes for Jump Shooters

baskit ball 6

More than anything, the feature that will attract you to Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 is its looks. Adidas has out-ranked all other shoes in terms of looks.


Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 is footer friendly. But don’t take this wrong. You still need to try these shoes before purchasing them. The front side resembles the mouth of a crocodile in shape. The upper is comfortable and fits with the foot perfectly.

If you are the kind of person who sweats a lot, then these shoes are best in the option for you. The upper will absorb your sweat production and will keep your foot dry and relaxed.

Inner Sole

Do you have pain issues while playing basketball? Well, then say goodbye to that. Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 inner soles are master in providing comfort to the player.

The inner sole has extra foam and cloth layers. These layers are present throughout the inner sole to provide relaxation to the player.

Outer Sole

Most players say that the outer sole is ant-like in shape, which might be true, who knows. The traction design is truly impressive. The side curves increase the shoe’s performance and look.

The patterns at the sole bottom are colored and provide extra strength to the boot.


Adidas has used beast mode cushion in these shoes. The soft TPU coop present on the lateral side of the shoes, with full length, boosts, perfect to increase vertical jumps. These shoes give the vibes of boost life to the users.

Fabric Quality

The used fabric is 100% synthetic. The fabric has one quality that it keeps the foot dry and sweat-free even in hot weather.

  • The looks are highly impressive
  • The Boot cushioning is amazing
  • Keep the foot dry
  • The upper is footer friendly
  • Available in five radiant colors
  • Upper is stiff in texture
  • The outer sole sit-downs after a few uses

Final Verdict

Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 are highly impressive looks. The shoes come in five radiant colors and the price is also affordable.

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7.  Nike Zoom KD 12: Best Shoes for Jumping Exercises

Here come the second last basketball shoes on our list of best basketball shoes for jumping. 


The first most jaw-dropping feature of these shoes is their upper. The footer friendly upper is soft and comfortable. Along with that, the Fly knit tongue present at the front side of the shoe covers the top of the foot and gives a soft plush padded feel.

Along with that, the foamy layer also helps in absorbing sweat production and provides safety to the foot.

Inner Sole

The inner sole, together with the upper, provides a next-level padded feel to the player. The sole is of foam material and gives a soft plush feeling. Along with the foam, cloth layers are also present to give extra support and flexibility.

Outer Sole

The outer sole is of rubber material. The rubber is excellent in providing balance and also offers exceptional traction. The rubber boot with filled with color patterns. These color patterns increase the traction of the basketball shoes.


The Nike Air Zoom Cushioning present in Zoom KD 12 basketball shoes is excellent in performance. The stock liner fits perfectly with the Nike zoom cushion. 

Fabric Quality

The self-printed fabric looks attractive in looks. Perforated padding is present around the 3/4 collar that hugs the ankle for a warm fit.

  • Impressive cushioning
  • 3/4 collar for a snug fit
  • Upper is highly flexible and supportive
  • Some users complain about the design

Final Verdict

Nike Zoom KD 12 has impressive cushioning. These shoes are supportive and flexible in feel. If you want to enjoy your basketball game, and also want to jump higher, then buy these basketball shoes.

8.  Adidas Own The Game: Best Sneakers for jumping

Here come the last basketball shoes on our list. Adidas Own the Game is one of the best basketball shoes of the decade.


The cloud-foam midsole cushion is awesome in increasing the vertical jumps. Along with the midsole cushions, the cushions on the lateral side and boot side are air-filled chambers. These air-filled chambers when release air the weight of the shoe decreases and the player becomes able to run faster and jump higher.

Inner Sole

The foamed material inner sole will gives you a plush feel whenever you will wear the shoes. The mid-cut is also comfortable in feel and supports the foot up to a great level.

Outer Sole

The Adiwear outer sole is durable in performance. The heel pull provides extra comfort and cushioning to the player. Along with that, the textile lining improves the grip and strength of the outer sole.


The upper of Adidas Own the Game is coated with synthetic leather layers. The leather layer prevents the shoes from getting wet from the outside. The mid-cut fits with the foot placidly.

Fabric Quality

100% synthetic fabric is used in these shoes. These shoes are available in black, white, and red colors with golden stripes on the upper sides of the shoes. These golden strips add sprinkles of beauty to the shoes.

  • The upper is comfortable in feel
  • The cushion feels like a cloud
  • The outer sole is durable in performance
  • The leather zone of the upper produces heat
  • Used plastic material

Final Verdict

Adidas Own the Game is the last product on the list. These shoes are the best shoes for jumping high. The outer sole is of high quality and is durable.

What to Consider in Basketball Shoes: A Complete Buying Guide

Well, before you select any random shoes from the market, there is something that you need to understand about the shoes and your playing capabilities. Here, we present you the complete buying guide for the best basketball shoes for jumping.


The first and the foremost important factor to be considered is shoe weight. As you can understand very well that, while playing basketball, your main work is to run and jump. If you select any heavy shoes, then it will cause you issues in running. Similarly, heavy shoes will stop you from jumping higher.

The lighter the shoes will be, the higher you will have a chance to jump. Select shoes that have lightweight boots.


Investing in something without checking the quality is a sign of a fool. Investigate about the shoes properly before spending money on them. Check that either its boot is a stitch or pasted. Glued boots are not reliable, while on the other hand, stitched boots are stronger and, reliable than those pasted ones.

Also, check the shoe fabric quality. Most local brands offer third-class quality fabrics that tear out after few uses. Select shoes that have fine quality fabric.


As a sports person, you can realize the value of contented shoes. Here, by cushion, we didn’t mean the typical sofa’s cushion. But we mean to say about the middle material of the sole of the shoes. The different brand has different techniques for applying cushion in the shoe sole.

The thing that you have to check about the sole is where the cushion is located. Since your main concern is a type of shoe with which you can jump higher, then you have to select a shoe in which the cushion is located throughout the shoe sole.

The Upper

Now the next thing that you have to check in the shoe is the upper. For basketball players, the upper is considered an important feature. Upper is important because it provides the player more stability and support. For a better decision, choose the shoes that have foam and cloth layered upper.

By having the cloth and foamy layered upper, you can keep your foot, dry, safe, and comfortable. These uppers are also capable of absorbing excess sweat from the foot.

The choice of upper’s height also depends on which type of player you are. If you are a center or guard player, then you need a high height upper. But if you are a back-forward player, then an upper with medium-height will be okay for you.

The Outsole

Here comes the last determining factor of the basketball shoes. The outsole is the lower sole of the shoes that catch in connection with the ground. Most basketball courts have a slippery surface; selecting shoes with a flat outsole can cause you problems. All you need to do is select shoes that have rubber outsoles with different patterns on them.

The patterns are required because they will create a stable connection with the ground and will protect you from sliding against the ground.

Must consider these factors will selecting the best jumping shoes for basketball.


There is no doubt that our list of best basketball shoes for jumping higher is full of cool and crazy shoes. All the leading brands have manufactured the shoes so elegantly. By the moment you went to the market to select shoes. Keep the factors of our buying guide in your mind. Rather than preferring anything, give your priority to comfort.

No matter how expensive shoes you purchase. If they are not comfortable, then the money is wasted.

Check the fabric quality and outsole as well. Never select flat outsole shoes, always select shoes whose outsole has patterns on it. According to your preference, the cushion should be present all over the inner soles of the shoes. And lastly, check the weight of the shoes, as well. Once you clear all these, you are on the way to get the best basketball shoes for jumping.

Make sure to score well, and then give us your feedback!!

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