How to Remove Smell From Shoes?

Several questions exist when you are dealing with shoes in which how to remove the smell from shoes is at the top. Whenever you wear shoes for a long time or an interval, a moment comes when you want to throw back your shoes because of no idea how to remove the smell from shoes. Are you embarrassed to remove your shoes in front of anyone? If yes, then no need to buy new shoes frequently, you can apply a few remedies to your existing ones, and they will become change. 

You are overwhelmed by such thoughts after a few practices. Always solutions exist behind every mind-boggling situation. Even so, they prove themselves as a beneficial reward to overcome this query. We will explain this issue from every possible perspective. Either this issue is with your choice of brand or with your feet. Here are a few practices that will give you answers to your frequent questions about removing the smell from shoes by properly adopting these practices; you will get exclusive results.

Focus on the Cause

If you want how to remove the smell from shoes.
✔ Always try to pay specific heed to the main cause before starting any treatment for the irritating odor.
✔ Mostly, you can see the biggest mistake in our daily life tasks. We commit random mistakes in our unplanned tasks without knowing the main cause behind them.
✔ When you find the origin, then it is obvious, you may have special attention to remove the smell from shoes through the proper adaption of various fragments.

The physical look of your shoes

It is a better idea to look at the physical condition of your shoes. There are 30% chances of any physical damage, which may provide a path to enter water or become a moisture source. Go ahead and look at the sole condition. If you are using the same shoes for more than three months, then the best idea is to exchange your old shoe insoles for fresh pair. Only this little change may improve your value to remove the smell from shoes.

Bacterial growth

There is a wider chance of bacterial growth in your wet shoes, which becomes a great hurdle in removing the smell from shoes. This only happens when you don’t dry them properly after thorough washing. Later on, it may become a cause of the long-lasting smell. Always dry out your shoes in a sunny spot or near a heater with every possible safety precaution mention on your shoe tags.

Methods for removing the Smell from shoes

There are a lot of methods to remove the smell from dirty shoes, Here we are going to discuss a few effective and simple tricks.

Use of Baking Soda

Using baking soda as a remedy is the best choice to remove the smell from shoes.
✔ Put a small amount of baking soda in the inner soles of your shoes.
✔ Leave the shoes for a certain period (minimum up to 2 hours).
✔ You can now wash your shoes, and there is a maximum chance that there will be no smell in your shoes now.

To remove the smell from shoes through the freezing method

Put your smelly shoes in a plastic bag and keep them in a freezer for 12 hours. In this way, freezing the shoes kill the smell creating bacteria, and it is a very active and practical approach to remove the smell from shoes.

Place Fresh peels of lemon, grapefruit, and orange in shoes

To remove the smell from shoes than
✔ Use the fresh peel of various citrus fruit like lemon, grapefruit, and orange in your shoes.
✔ Please place them in the shoe’s inner soles such a sideways that they may fully contact each other. Fresh citrus peel has a great smell due to its essential oil.
✔ Place the shoes in your separate corner of the room for overnight.
✔ There is a high chance of removal of smell from shoes.

Use of Black Teabags

If you are still confused about removing the smell from shoes, then Black tea bags are one of the best remedies to remove the smell from shoes.


✔ Teabags have vast tanning, and these are effectively used for odor cleaning.
✔ It can kill or stop further bacterial growth to an extent.


✔ Boil water in a separate pan with a tight lid
✔ Open the lid and place a single teabag on the boiling water.
✔ In this way, the teabag will become hot enough, then cool it for 5 to 7 minutes before placing it in shoes.
✔ Finally, now it is the right time to put it in the shoes for one or two hours to get better results.

To remove the smell from shoes with Essential Oil Air Freshener

If you observe that all the remaining remedies cannot provide you exclusive results, but it is uncommon, you must try this Essential Oil Air Freshener to minimize or finish out the irritating smell from your shoes within minimum time. You do not need to wait desperately for along to check the results.

Minimalist Features

✔ One of the main benefits is that it will never damage your shoes either because your shoes are made up of leather or any sensitive brand.
✔ It is a natural deodorizer and very supportive of any shoes.
✔ It also has a great ability to remove the smell from the feet.
✔ It contains fresh, natural ingredients and essential oils.
✔ Its oil will never damage your shoes externally or internally with soles.
✔ No chance of color fading and tear out of your shoes.
✔ These treated shoes will never become a cause of embarrassment for you and will never allow you to let you down.


✔ You can put a few drops of essential oil on the surface of the inner sole.
✔ Leave your shoes for an hour or twice at a separate place.
✔ Then clean the inner shoe soles with a piece of tissue.
✔ Now, it is time to wear odor free shoes.

Use of Silica-Based Cat Litter to remove Smell from Shoes

Silica-Based Cat litter is mainly used to remove the smell from shoes. Mostly Silica is used to absorb excessive moisture in the shoes; that’s why it is frequently used with new packing of shoes or any electrical devices or equipment to prevent it from moisturizing and make it more suitable for the smooth operation of daily life.

Wash Your Feet Properly

Sometimes the issue of smell may exist with your feet. The majority of the people even don’t know how to wash their feet properly. Its results are devastating, and many people catch infectious injuries when they become older.

✔ To wash the feet properly, use mild soap with slightly warm water once a day.
✔ If your body and skin cause too much sweating, then it’s better to wash your feet twice a day to prevent yourself from any viral infection.
✔ Never use vinegar with water when you have any skin issues or scratches on your feet while washing. Otherwise, it may cause an irritating problem for your skin, so the best practice is to avoid it in such circumstances.


These are all the best ways to answer your frequent question about removing the smell from shoes. We have studied above all the remedies, and we must try at once if you ever face any smell in your shoes.

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