How to clean shoes sole?

A true personality of a man is determined by his shoes. Most of the studies say that shoes are the first thing that is subconsciously noticed. In our daily life, our footwear suffers the most abuse throughout the day, and they are more prone to degrading.  So if a man is wearing shoes in excellent condition, it tells that he has maintained the toughest constituent of an outfit. Shoes speak volumes about personality. This is why shoes are one of the perfect parameters that define a man.

Clean and shiny shoes are being part of a cool personality. Net and clean shoes reflect our personality; we must know how to clean shoes soles. There are a lot of materials that make up a shoe; leather, suede, puma, canvas being some of them.

You have to take care of the shoes for the cleaning process. Although the cleaning process is hectic and requires patience on how to clean shoes soles depends on their stuff, for instance, leather shoes can be cleaned by using a solution of water and white vinegar over the stains now rub them with a soft cloth.

Buff scuffs away with the help of a wet cloth dipped into baking soda. Wipe them and then buff them once again after they have dried. There is a variety of shoes with different ways to clean them; Let’s consider some prominent outdoor shoes.

How to clean basketball and badminton shoes?

Basketball players know the importance of their shoes; they always wish to lengthen the life of their shoes and also want them crisp and perfect. It means that fresh footwear means them a lot. So it is compulsory to know how to clean the outdoor basketball shoes.

Consider the following tips to keep outdoor basketball shoes clean and in shape longer do not put the shoes in the gym back even though you are in a hurry. But keeping them in a gym bag for a longer period can cause them to lose their shape and might put a lot of pressure on the shoes. It can also lead to a buildup of odor because they cannot air out properly.

Despite this, store them in an open room with sufficient they can be dry out, now store them in their box. To keep them fresher, we can use a shoe deodorizer. We can also consider having two pairs of basketball shoes for ankle support and use them with rotation. By only wearing shoes on the court, we can keep them cleaner as well.  That means less wear and tear help us to maintain them.

Similarly, if we want to maintain our badminton shoes, we have to clean them after every game. Why? It can lessen general odor and also help in preventing loss of traction by removing debris from them.

It will also keep shoes from deterioration. Sometimes even the minute things concerning the shoes can be of significant importance. For instance, how to clean shoes soles can seem an easy task, but it is not. There is a wide verity of shoe cleaning products in the market, but each one of them will not give us a promising result.

We can experience poor quality. We should be very careful about the cleaning products that do not damage the soles and life cycle of the shoes. We should never put our shoes in a washer or dryer and also avoid fully immersing them in water.

Ankle support shoes are said to be difficult in cleaning their soles, and we should give special attention to their unique characteristics. Foot ankle supporting shoes are the ones having higher mesh and shaft. The more top fabric and leather, the higher will be the difficulty in cleaning the dirt stuck on the sole.

Use the following steps as a guide to properly wash the shoes: Remove excess dirt with the help of a soft-bristled shoe brush or toothbrush to clean the sole. Avoid using a hard brush because it can damage the rubber sole.

Mix the warm water with a small amount of detergent (or, if leather, a specialty leather cleaner). Apply a little amount to a sponge or soft cloth to clean dirty parts of the shoe. Remove insole and clean with the help of a water/detergent mix.

Rinse excess soap with water from the sole of the shoe and insole using water on a second sponge. Air-dry the shoes at room temperature do leave your shoes to dry in the sunlight or use direct heat.


Basketball shoes and badminton shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment our own, so it is essential to take care of them. If we keep our shoes clean and in good shape, obviously they will live longer and protect us financially too.

They will also help keep our footing firm and make our personality crisp and sharp. Cleaning sloes of shoes can also prevent germs problems and thus helps in protection against diseases. The conditioner helps in moisturizing the shoes and keeps them shiny and durable.

To achieve a good shine, make sure that to use a good shining brush. Mostly lightweight badminton shoes are used for faster feet movement. They also possess a little lateral support. Badminton shoes are just similar to an asset which is not bought everywhere. Therefore, badminton shoes must be taken good care.


1: How do you clean rubber shoes?

3 main ways to clean rubber shoe soles. These are:
✔ In case of dirt, you may slap the soles of the shoes with each other to knock plenty of mud or dirt.
✔ Soak a washcloth with baking soda and laundry detergent then rub shoes with it to remove maximum out dirt.
✔ Use a soft dry brush to remove the cleaning mixture on them then dry the shoes completely.

2: How do I get the yellow off the bottom of my shoes?

Use a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Rub the paste with toothbrush on yellowed areas of your shoes. Place your shoes in direct sunlight for few minutes. Rinse the paste off the shoes and then check the best result.

3: How do you clean white foam soles?

To clean white foam soles, apply three main key ingredients for better results. Form a solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and toothpaste. Paste this solution on the soles and wrap them in a plastic foil for 25 minutes. Then rinse the shoes and check exclusive result.

4: Can I use toothpaste to clean my shoes?

Yes, mostly toothpaste with certain mixture is used on soles to remove the yellowish color for whitening purpose.

5: How can I clean the soles of my rubber shoes?

Smack the soles of shoes gently with each other to get rid of dirt. Take a plastic knife and scrap out of anything on the soles. Apply the mixture of baking soda, laundry soap and detergent then wipe it out with clean water.

6: How can I make the bottom of my feet white again?

Fill the wash basin with warm water. Add few drops of antiseptic solution and shampoo soak the feet for 10 minutes in it and then wash your feet to check the result.

7: How do you clean white shoe soles with toothpaste?

Take one cup of hot water and mix a small amount of toothpaste in it. Stir it for 5 minutes. Now, apply it on the canvas or grooves of the shoes with a toothbrush. Then wipe out with water, now your shoes are looking clean as new ones.8:

8: Does Toothpaste clean white shoes?

Yes, you can easily clean white shoes with only toothpaste or by mixing it with different solution for best results.

9: How do you clean white shoes in 5 minutes?

Use a solution of baking soda, toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Apply it on outer surface of the shoes for 5 minutes then rinse with water. It will give an exceptional result.

10: How do you clean dirty white shoes?

Take a warm water with non-gel toothpaste. Stir it for 3 minutes. When it fully mixes then use it on shoes with old toothbrush. Keep the shoes in a separate area for 10 minutes. Now, wipe out with water.

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