4 Best Way To Dry Sneakers Quickly

Whenever you come out for walking or visit out of your house, it is unpredictable that the weather will be hot, cloudy, shiny, or rainy. Most of the time, our sneakers get wet due to smashes of pour down or standing water in puddles. It is tough to walk with such wet sneakers out of the way to fulfill your work in this curb. A person can only be mentally satisfied or work in a comfortable way when his shoes give maximum support to him, giving him a feeling of relaxation, but this is only possible with fit size and the dry nature of your best sneakers.

Table of Content – Best Way To Dry Sneakers

If you are a victim of this curb and feel uncomfortable in such a situation, so don’t worry about it, and you can come out or suppress it conveniently. There are many successful and best ways to clean and dry your wet sneakers with ease in a stipulated time.

1: Dryer

dryer best way to dry sneakers by footwearguider.com

The rapid and the first best way to dry sneakerswithin few minutes is your home cloth dryer. First of all you will be very cautious about the safety of the sneakers alongside its drying process. Sometimes when you fully ignore the proper steps that how to clean and best way to dry sneakers then it will cause a little damage or may reduce the life span of your best sneaker for current season.
✔ Firstly, if you are using a cloth dryer then must keep it at low heat otherwise a high heat rate can damage the glue adhere to the sole. Tie the laces of shoes with each other properly. When blower runs, it will cause loud sound of sneakers blowing in it. Add some towels or other cloths in the dryer in order to get rid of tumble loud sounds of sneakers.
✔ The second best way to dry sneaker is to hang the soak sneakers with door of dryer (at low heat). You can hang it with laces, locks or clips and you will not hear the loudsound of sneakers blowing in the basin even sneakers will undergo the drying treatment.

Warning: Temperature must be low for safety of your sneakers while using dryer.


Newspaper Best Way To Dry Sneakers

Newspaper is also considered as one of the most effective and best way to dry sneakers
More than half of our society use newspapers for reading purpose as a source of information but they don’t know about the hidden features of it. Newspaper has nature to absorb artificial liquidity and moisture. Due to it’s in ordinary way of absorption it is used as a best way to dry sneakers in a limited time and also recommended by companies. Whenever you want to dry your wet sneakers, just follow these steps;
✔ Untie and pull out the laces of your sneakers.
✔ Remove the inner sole.
✔ Make a crinkle or ball of the newspapers and put it in the sneakers to absorb the internal moisture and water.
✔ You can place these sneakers in a spot for a few hours to become dry. Even this process is little bit time taking than simple drying the wet sneakers in an open air. To dry the sneakers in an open air will take plenty of time and result will never be praiseworthy as newspaper.
✔ For a quick drying process, you may keep them near the fan or heater but it is an optional matter. You have no need to replace the newspaper at every hour, one time marking is enough.
✔ Now, remove the ball of newspaper from sneakers and wrap them with a separate sheet through rubber band for an exclusive dryer result.

3: Putting your Sneakers in Rice

Putting your Sneakers in Rice

The best way to dry sneakers is to put them in rice for a certain period.
✔ Take a plastic container as per your size of sneakers.
✔ Pour raw brown or white rice at its bottom up to 2.5 cm or 1 inch.
✔ Put the wet sneakers in such a side way that there should be a minimum space between shoes and plastic container. For multiple shoes, you have to use large size container. Any nature of shoes can be placed in rice with no side effects.
✔ Tight the lid of container in such a way, there is no chance of air entrance from outside in it.
✔ Leave the plastic container with tight lid or next 2 to 3 hours.
✔ Now check the result, if they are still wet then again tight the lid on container and leave it for another hour for proper dry result.

4: Using a Fan

using a fan best way to dry sneakers

You can use Fan as best way to dry sneakers through adopting proper procedure, in order to get best results. You have to follow these tips;
✔ Remove the dirt on sneakers through proper washing.
✔ Bring those wet sneakers near the table fan. Mostly, we face issue that sneakers are wet from inside and they take more than 48 hours but result does not be exceptional.
✔ Table fan should be well made and of favorablelength to hold the sneakers.
✔ Take out the inside sole of you sneakers and keep in dry place or on the table nearfan.
✔ Take an old wire and a wire cutter.
✔ Cut this piece of wire into two equal lengths which should be of 6 inches. Then bend the wires in S- shape and ensure that both pieces of wires have hooks at ends with equal diameters.
✔ Attach the hooks onto the fan about 9 inches apart from each other.
✔ Untie the laces of the sneakers and stretch them in such a way that they may get maximum air flow.
✔ Now hang the sneakers with these hooks and ensure that fan air reaches inside and outside of the sneakers properly.
✔ Run the fan on high speed for two and half hour.


If you need to dry your wet sneakers quickly or at tonight, you can use hair dryer, heater or oven for rapid result. But it is always the best way to dry sneakers at low temperature or follows the given instructions on tag of your sneakers for safety, better resultsand life of sneakers. If you are using hair dryer then hold it far away from the sneakers and must ensure that you are using it at low temperature. Same process repeats for heater , for safety of sneakers, it is better to wrap the multiple newspaper around the shoes in order to protect it from direct source of heat otherwise it may damage to the outer surface of sneakers through direct heat .

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